I’m Jill Minor, a public librarian in Appalachia who started reading one book after another at age 2 1/2 and just . . .
never quit.

Rating system:
1 star: I never rate one star, because I don’t finish one-star books.
2 stars: Lousy. Lacking in most or all of the qualities that make a book worth your time.
3 stars: Some merit. May be enjoyable for light reading.
4 stars: Really good book; highly recommended if it’s at all your kind of thing.
5 stars. Awesome book in its category or genre. Loved it.

Most of what I’ve read since 2005 is cataloged on Librarything. I participate in Early Word Galley Chat. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to have a review chosen for LibraryReads and am a LibraryReads Ambassador. I wanted a nice home for my book reviews for books old, new, and upcoming, so I built this site with the help of Thosegeeks.

I’m on Mastodon and that’s my primary social media presence.

I’m on Twitter as @jillrhudy for professional reasons, with minimal participation because Twitter makes me insane.

Opinions expressed here are my own, and not that of my employer.

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